How do I make a booking and pay for it?

When you make a booking, we'll put all of the details into an easy to understand, confirmation document, which is then emailed to you, for checking.

It will include your details, the venue details, the specified and agreed playing times, the fee and any other terms agreed.

If it's all correct and approved by you, we ask that you sign it and return it to us within 7 days or sooner, if the booking is imminent.

Within the agreement the payment details will also be included.

You will be asked to pay a deposit (or the full fee*) via bank transfer using online banking, phone banking or via a branch of your bank.

We also accept PayPal and all major credit and debit cards for deposit payments.

If you prefer, we can also accept payment via cheque, provided enough time is available for the cheque to clear in time for the booking.

In the vast majority of occasions NO VAT is applicable, in any exceptional case you will be advised of that at the time of booking and it will be clearly stated in your paperwork.

The balance of the fee is usually payable in cash on the day to the act as per your agreement.

If you prefer, you can pay the full amount up front or shortly prior to the event.

In some cases we may ask for the full amount to be paid prior to the event*.

To view our full terms and conditions that will apply to all bookings please visit our T&C's.

The T&C's will also be written into your agreement.

What if I cancel?

You can find all of the information that you need on all of our terms and conditions here:

  • It's extremely rare for a booker to cancel a booking and a fee will apply in most cases, depending on how close the date of the booking is to the date of cancellation.
  • Your paperwork will have clear details of that written into the agreement.
  • If you have to cancel due to a new Government directive that prohibits your function from going ahead due to the Covid pandemic, you will NOT have to pay any cancellation fee and can reschedule your booking at a later date, using the original deposit. Conditions apply.

What if the act cancels?

It's also almost unheard of that an act will cancel and on the very rare occasion that it's happened, it's usually to do with an unforseen calamity or force majeure.

Put simply, if it happens, we'll always do our utmost to pull out all of the stops to provide a replacement act of comparable standard.

Full details here.